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Temple Mount Prayer something that need be addressed worldwide.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been taken over as the "Al Aqsa Mosque" by Islam. Muslims have some strange impression that they and they alone can pray there but they are wrong. (Friday July 14/2017 three muslim Israeli Arabs murdered two Israeli police officers with weapons previously hid at the Mount and when Israel put security in place to prevent this from happening again the Palestinians and Arab countries went mad with anger and the Jordanian gov pulled a childish tantrum against Israel threatening to jail any Israelis praying in Jordan at Aaron's Tomb, among other things. I wonder how they would feel if Israel stopped muslims from praying at the Temple Mount? Due this incitement Israel once again has given in to terrorism and agreed to loosen security at the Mount. (All this rage, initially over metal detectors which for one are used by Muslims themselves in Mecca by the way.) This inaction shows how far the Jewish people have fallen away from God that they would spurn the holiest site in Judaism, and makes me understand full well why Gabriel implored me to "Tell them they must come back to your Father..". One day Israel will have to reclaim it (Isaiah 2:1-4 > see end of paragraph) and if Israel had the faith in God they should, they would surmount all perils as foretold: Parashat Eikev - Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25 ->A first portion of which so happened to be read in the Diaspora on 12 August 2017, incidentally the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower that year. Coincidence? When Israel liberated the Mount in 1967 they never should have given Jordan authority there and part of the problem is that the Israeli government under constant threat has disallowed Jews to pray there for so long Islam thinks they own it.) Muslims are trying to rewrite history and the UN has even taken their side with a resolution. Everyone needs to speak out against this ludicrous dissent. Reso Update May 2/17 Petition your government to stop this atrocious behavior. (Just to note, Jews don't go mad when other religions pray at the Temple Mount, Christians don't lose their minds when others worship there but many Muslims throughout the middle east and beyond go into a rage and want to murder anyone who prays, or even thinks of praying at the Temple who isn't Muslim (In fact, numerous Palestinians have purposely murdered random innocent Israelis over this). Islam, a religion who only made claim to this site millennia after Jews found the land sacred and built it and centuries after Christians connected to it. Where is the PEACE this "religion" is always telling us about.) They were never given dominion over the Temple Mount and their so called prophet never ascended to heaven there. (That is just another fable akin to the Christian story of Jesus rising on the third day. These tales are told to try and bring provenance to these false religions and have no basis in reality). Muslims have preyed upon Jewish fears of reprisal to keep Jews from their rightful place and it is time Jews were allowed to pray there as they did in the past. It is up to the government of Israel to speak to the world on this and the world should stand behind them. We live in a time of religious freedoms and all governments of the earth need to address Muslim nations and demand this as the Temple was built by Jews to worship the God of Israel long before Islam ever started and it is prophecised in Isaiah 2:1-4 (Show Verses) that in the end of days the Temple Mount will be exalted to the people of earth, the Torah will come forth from Zion, and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem. Let us not forget UNESCO has tried to erase Jewish history from Jerusalem so U.S. recognition of it as Israel's capitol Dec 6/17 and moving the US embassy there on May 14/18 is a good start but until the whole world recognizes this 3000 years of historical fact it is a somewhat hollow point. If you believe Jewish people should be able to worship at the Temple Mount please sign the Petition to the UN. (To Note: Muslims refuse to see the religious discrimination in denying Jews the right to pray at the Temple Mount but when they themselves are simply asked to not make unnecessary excessive noise at their mosques in Israel (Which greatly disturbs people af all faiths, especially at dawn.) they go into a fit and cite discrimination to the world. The double standards must stop!)