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Gender Equality

The Times they are a changin..

And on the subject of Jesus, Gabriel nearly spat out the words "he was a man, he suffered some, he was unimportant". So you see, Jesus and anyone or any religion that indoctrinates him or his ideas is false for the man Jesus was never meant to be anything to the Father and if you will read the "Tanakh/Old Testament" or just take a look at the history and modern day events of any religions that supposedly follow or hold Jesus sacred it is easy to see just how far they are from God's teaching. (With countless Christian and Islamic sites both proclaiming they are the truth I simply dispute as I promised I would that the Torah still is the only law given by God. Among the following are a gathering of documented facts that support this opinion and not meant to disparage anyone but to make them think about what they follow, as misogyny for one is not part of God/HaShem's plan for humankind.)
     Pedophilia, embraced, accepted and excused due to it's founder marrying a girl when she was 6 and having sex with her when she was 9 and he was in his 50's is still and always has been a large part of Islamic culture worldwide and don't even get me started on the horrors of FGM or the just as prevalent practices of polygamy, or temporary marriage ("Nikah Mut'ah" for Shia and "Nikah al-Misyar" for Sunni muslims) which oftentimes is nothing more than child prostitution. Just the tip of the iceberg how about sanctioned wife beating, women jailed for being raped or still in some countries, forced to marry their rapist to save family honor which leads me to... While supposedly not sanctioned by the Quran many Muslim countries condone so called "honor killing". On that note, if men cannot look at a woman who isn't wearing full body covering (burqa),niqab (face veil), hijab, or simply walking by herself without having the uncontrollable urge to sexually harass or rape her then it is the men who are out of control monsters, not the woman. (For one, hair is the crowning glory of God/HaShem's creation like the silk tassel on an ear of corn and to hide it away is a slight to His work. You may ponder, why must a nazirite never cut their hair? That man has relegated hair to such a carnality he can't even look at it shows the contempt for the Father that is in humankind, not observance (It is not only Islam that is guilty of this precept).) The aforementioned include tenets of faith practiced in various Islamic ruled countries. If Islam had the truth would it condone such heinous acts?
     There are many parallels between Muhammad founder of Islam and Joseph Smith who founded Mormonism, both similarily vile (immorally hedonistic) men who dictated books to espouse their own perverse ideologies. Sadly, the more a man subjugates and denigrates women the more other men want to follow him. And as to the so called "New Testament", do you really think the Catholic Church would also have raped children and committed other sexual deviancy with rampancy for centuries right up to present day let alone their other crimes (the Inquisition for starters) if they had anything to do with God? As to that, some Christian ministers (supported by their congregations) are outright professing atheism. Catholics are not the only Christian group to commit and cover-up sexual abuse against children either and the repugnant "rules" these groups impose make certain perpetrators will go free. Indeed, it was not long ago that Christianity was as murderously tyrannical as Islamic ruled countries are today (I ask detractors to look at church history and any Islamic ruled country). Patriarchal misogynistic attitudes prevail and women have consistently been second if not third or fourth class citizens by these and other self same organizations at least partly due to Ephesians 5:22-24 & 1 Timothy 2:11-14 (Show Verses) in the "New Testament", an abrogation I believe no more given by God than the Quran or Book of Mormon of which both expound on.

Trees by their fruit

You can always tell a tree by it's fruit, and don't don't point to Ultra-Orthodox Jews in rebuttal for those sects/groups can be as far off base as the former. It is ironic these creeds insist they are waiting for the "messiah" he is supposed to free the oppressed and who can we say are more oppressed than women, especially those living under the thumbs of "religious" men. Undeniably, due the influence these "religions" have misogynist creep is felt throughout society as a whole and needs to be addressed on a worldwide scale. The Torah is the only law book ever given to man from God/HaShem. It clearly states in Deuteronomy 4:2 and 13:1 (Jewish translations) or 12:32 (Christian translations). (Show Verses) that no words shall ever be added to or taken away from the commandments given to Moses. The Tanakh/Old Testament also states in Isaiah 24:5 (Show Verse) people will suffer because they have violated and abrogated Moses covenant with God (The New Testament, Quran and Book of Mormon are all abrogations), verifying the Law is not to be changed. Furthermore, to say it was to be fulfilled at a later date, or corrupted by the Jewish people and had to be abrogated would mean God did not know this was going to happen when he gave his commandment to Moses that it was an everlasting covenant. (Do you really think the Jews somehow omitted from Torah that women were supposed to be chattel? No, that and other perversions were made by men who were not happy with the law as given by the Father to the Jewish people so they "wrote" their own books.) Additionally, it warns in Leviticus 20:22-23 (Show Verse) against following others away from the Torah and in Malachi 3 for the End of Days it once again insists people follow the laws as given to Moses.

Lastly, if you are wondering why I haven't pummelled you with heaven, hell or whatever future state, while there is a Judgement coming I believe people should simply be good for goodness sake instead of like some dog after a biscuit or they miss the point entirely. What profits a person who only does good for reward. The false religions constantly dangling a carrot with one hand while holding a club in the other to succumb their followers shows how baseless and off point they truly are. I believe truth and common sense need no such incentive but to use an old adage "if you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves".

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